A Ship in the Harbor is Safe…

This blog is a bit embarrassing to write, because I have to admit how timid I can be when I end up in an environment I am not used to. Whether a situation is frightening or not is relative depending on who is experiencing it. But stepping outside one’s comfort zone is so very empowering–all of us must do so every once in a while! As my mother would tell people when they asked her if she worried about me traveling back when I was much younger: “Well, she can’t live in a cave!” Thank you, Mom!

On Saturday, the day after I arrived in Arequipa, I decided that I would go and explore the city on my own. The previous day, Michel had taken me on a walk to the Plaza, and it was quite an experience as I learned how to dodge taxis and try not to let the sights and sounds overwhelm me. 

A street crowded with Taxis
Taxis as far as the eye can see. They do not stop for pedestrians. You just have to wait until they pile up and cannot move. Then work your way among them to cross the street.

But today, as when I was ready to go out, I found myself procrastinating. I knew that I had to at least stretch my legs and walk around the neighborhood a bit. I kept thinking about the character Jean Ainsley in the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. She was so frozen with culture shock in India that she would never leave the hotel. I told myself, “I am NOT that woman!” So, off I went to at least walk around the block, and THEN I would decide what to do. (Baby Steps) 

I walked several blocks and remembered that if I was going to be out in the near-equatorial sun at 7600 feet, I should get sunscreen. So I returned and put some on my arms, grabbed my water bottle, camera, some money, and small notebook.  Adela had told me about a park nearby. So I thought, “I can walk over there, at least.” I walked in the gate and sat for a bit in the tranquil landscape trying to decide what to do next.

The requirement to feed our bodies can be quite an inducement for action, so I started for the Plaza knowing that at worst case, I would have the courage to go back to the same place I ate yesterday.

Journal Entry about my first day walking the crowded streets of Peru
I finally chose one of the restaurants and enjoyed the delightful experience of dining alone in a very new place. 
I know it seems crazy, but upon leaving the restaurant, I felt soooo good, and proud of myself for accomplishing such a simple task as deciding on a restaurant and ordering a meal. I walked down the street almost in tears at the prospect that I was really going to enjoy being in Peru! It is amazing what a decent meal can do for your soul.

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. –Anonymous

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