Workshop Topics

Recommended length for these topics is 1 to 3 hours.

Workshops can be customized in length and content to meet your requirements. We can mix and match topics to create a unique experience for your audience. In longer workshops, participants would have the opportunity to begin brainstorming their own style of travel and how they might achieve it.

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Workshop title: On Being A World Nomad

What is Long Term Travel like?
Long term travel is not for everyone. How do you decide if it is for you? In this workshop I talk about the pros and cons of this travel style and share my research and planning strategies.

Includes on-line resources to help you determine if long-term and “slow” travel is for you.

Workshop Title: Independent Travel

Independent travelers prefer to choose their destinations and itineraries based on their own interests. They also like to do all or most of their own travel research.
In this workshop, I will cover the pros and cons of independent travel and provide strategies for planning an independent journey. We will also cover:

  • How to decide if independent travel is right for you
  • Overcoming apprehension
  • Mixing independent and guided travel
  • Traveling on a budget

Includes on-line resources for planning your first independent trip.

Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in travelling independent of standard tours.

Solo Travel Workshop title

I prefer traveling solo, living and experiencing the cultures and people wherever I am. From being afraid to step outside the door on my first day in Peru, I learned to be comfortable traveling solo as an older woman, making new friends, learning new skills, trekking at 10,000 feet, and finding joy in everyday experiences.

Includes on-line resources to help you determine if you might like solo travel.

 Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in travelling solo and/or independent of standard tours.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Fishing? Woodworking? Sewing? Painting? Gardening? Birdwatching? Gaming?

Thematic Travel  will provide unique opportunities to interact with locals and make new friends while participating in the activities that you enjoy the most. 

In this workshop, using examples from my own travels,  I will cover: 

    • Connecting with locals
    • How Creativity blossoms
    • Strategies for planning your own thematic journey

Includes on-line resources for planning your own thematic journey.

Slow Travel Workshop title

When I travel, I almost always stay in one place for three to six weeks, using it as a base to learn about the area and become personally acquainted with the people in the community. Using mindful journaling techniques, I am able to capture my sojourn in a very special way. In this presentation I will talk about preparing for your journey, slow and simple travelling, meeting locals, and journaling techniques to become an enlightened traveler.

Includes on-line resources for long-term and slow travel planning.

Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in travelling solo and/or independent of standard tours.

What I provide: 

  • Anecdotal presentation customized for your group
  • Slideshow (optional)
  • Informational handouts and worksheets
  • Publicity materials with descriptions and bio. (posters, handouts, images, etc.)

What you provide: 

  • Area with chairs for attendees. Some workshops will work best if people are seated at tables for writing.
  • Small table for my laptop
  • Projector with hookups and screen (if required for slide show/Powerpoint)
  • Publicity/invitations/registrations (as required) to your group or community

To request a presentation or workshop: 

Send an email to [email protected] with information about your group, dates and times that will work for you and your contact email and/or phone number.