Revisiting Candelaria—On the Shores of Lake Titicaca

I never seem to get tired of listening to Andean music. Today, I finally processed many videos and images from Puno’s Festival of Candelaria down into a few minutes of procession highlights. I had enjoyed the festival in Arequipa on February 2 and wrote about it here. But the Festival takes on a new meaning in Puno, where the Virgin of Candelaria is the patron saint and the celebration goes on for two weeks! There is dancing and music in the street everyday and the party goes on late into the night. 

Piper in Candelaria Parade

I caught the last few days of the festival—after February 10 when the activities are a little more sedate. I can enjoy them more when there are not quite so many people in the street.

I have seen this video so many times during the editing process, but always a smile comes to my face when I see the young man singing his heart out with such passion, the little girl—about five years old—with a smile as big as the sun, the flirtatious clown inviting touristas into the dance, the young up-and-coming pipers, and, of course, the young man, dressed to the nines, not missing a step as he danced alongside his mentors.

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  1. looks like a really good time… i really like xena warrior princess up above… fun fact about peruvian flute bands… they keep giant guinea pigs at bay and from attacking the whole world…

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